Greetings to all the dear companions of Moholand, he was a man, a noble and very beautiful horse that attracted the attention of every viewer. Everyone wanted to own it. A wealthy Bedouin offered to exchange the horse for two camels, but the man refused. He was not even willing to exchange his horse for all the Bedouin man’s camels. The Bedouin thought to himself: Now that he is not willing to exchange his horse for all my possessions, I must think of a trick. One day he disguised himself as a beggar and lay on the side of the road pretending to be ill. She knew the man was crossing with his horse. The same thing happened…

The man, seeing that suffering beggar, full of sympathy, got off his horse and went to the sick and poor man and offered to take him to the doctor. The begging man replied: I am poorer than that. That I can walk. I haven’t eaten for days and I can’t get up. I have no power anymore. The man helped him ride the horse. As soon as the beggar sat on the saddle, he put his feet on the sides of the horse and hurried away. The man realized that he had been deceived by the Bedouin. He shouted: Wait! I want to tell you something. The curious Bedouin stood a little farther away. The man said: You stole my horse. I can no longer do anything, but just have a little conscience and fulfill my request: “Do not explain to anyone how you deceived me…” said the Bedouin mocker: Why should I do this ?! The man said, “Because there may have been a helpless patient lying on the side of the road.” If everyone hears this, no one will help him… This was the instructive story of the adventure horse, in this beautiful horse file, you can simply download this file from Moholand.

Sharp on the ground …

bolt horse

Project file

bolt horse

Demo file

آموزش ساخت انیمیشن با حیوانات چهار پا

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Moho sharp-legged horse
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Last Update: December 24, 2020
Relased: February 23, 2020
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