Hello to all the dear companions of Moholand, Sarah had very ugly habits and always missed different people and enjoyed it. Once she was absent from her bride, which made her son angry, and this anger led to the murder of the bride by her son. And imprisoning his son, he could not sleep at night because of his pangs of conscience, and he went to a few prayer leaders and doctors, but no cure was found for his problem. Gradually, he had other problems besides insomnia. He was imaginary around her, so he followed them to the cemetery at night, and in the morning he woke up in the cemetery while he was wounded, and little by little he noticed changes in his appearance, and after a while Sarah was no longer like before and became another creature. You can simply download this file from Moholand.


All because of belittling a sin!

Mourntart animation fileProject file

moholand Mourntart file

Demo file


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Moho Mourntart monster
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