Hello dear friends, Harry Potter has completed his first year of schooling at Hogwarts and it is summer. She sees a bloody Jenny warning her not to go to school this year. After that, he and three of his friends, who were following him in a flying car, escaped from his aunt and uncle’s husband and went to his friend’s house.
After entering the school year, strange things happen, the caretaker cat is anesthetized with a dangerous spell and blood inscriptions are engraved on the walls: “The Hall of Secrets has been opened.”
After that, several people are attacked and everyone suspects Harry Potter. Those who are attacked dry up, and in the meantime Harry finds out where the Hall of Secrets is and the creature who carried out these attacks is a giant snake. In this file, I have prepared the Harry Potter character for you dear ones, you can simply download this file from Moholand.

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Moho Harry Potter character

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Moho Harry Potter character

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Moho Harry Potter character

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Moho Harry Potter character
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Last Update: February 5, 2021
Relased: August 14, 2020
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