Hello all dear companions of Moholand, Cyclops is a monster in Greek mythology with the help of which the gods end the golden age of the Titans. Aside from Greek mythology, there are monsters in the myths of many nations and even in the religious beliefs of people around the world. In fact, being one-eyed can mean limited vision or worldview. Having only one eye open to the world can also mean a limited and one-sided and inflexible mental understanding.
We know that the eye is a symbol of awareness and attention, and to have only one eye means to understand only one thing and not to see anything other than the same thing that we know and understand. A creature that has only one eye, has a limited field of vision and can only keep one thing in the center of attention and focus of its mind, in this file we have prepared a cyclops for you that you can easily download this file from Moholand.

A mythical monster or a foolish single fountain ?!

Moho Cyclops Monster

project file 

Moho Cyclops Monster

demo file 

Moho Cyclops Monster

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Moho Cyclops Monster
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Last Update: November 22, 2020
Relased: March 6, 2020
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